Modular homes and other commercial structures are now considered by the building industry to be of higher quality and more reliable than traditional site built structures.

The ease of financing a home or commercial project is also a plus when considering modular construction. Financial institutions often prefer modular home construction to that of the conventional site built home. They know the quality of the product, the priced is fixed, and the bank's risk of non-performance by the builder is greatly reduced. Structural Modulars, Inc. (SMI) works closely with financial institutions and can assist you with your own financing.

Time is another factor that give modular homes an advantage. The traditional site built home takes 6 to 9 months to complete. Depending on the complexity of the floor plan, modular homes can be completed and ready to move into in 6 to 9 weeks, or less.

In a traditional site built home, the unprotected product is subject to weather conditions that can compromise the integrity of the wood and other building components. Modular homes arrive on site 80 - 95% complete with minimal chance for damage from the elements. As a result, delays due to the weather are greatly reduced. In addition, modular homes can be constructed in any season.

SMI Modular Homes Offer:

    • Complete Design Flexibility
    • Guaranteed Pricing
    • Fast Construction Time
    • Unsurpassed Quality
    • Ease of Financing
    • Convenience

Structural Modulars, Inc. is an experienced modular home manufacturer and home builder, based in Strattanville, PA. We are licensed to build homes in PA, MD, MI, NJ, OH, VA, and WV.

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