SMI Contractors & Builders,

Welcome. We are pleased to announce that our manufacturing facility will be back in production starting Monday, 4/27/2020. The Governor has also relaxed some of the mandates, in some areas of the state, to allow us to transport and set in those areas starting May 1st. We thank all of you for your extreme patience throughout the last month. It has not been easy for any of us.

Keeping our employees safe during this time is of our utmost importance. We will be implementing the changes necessary in our offices and in the production area. As of right now, our offices are still closed to the public, but we will make arrangements as needed for you and your customers. Please call before visiting us to be updated on these changes.

Even though we will be back to work soon, we have been busy this past month! Here are a few new items that we have been working on:

1 – Just to recap, after the first of the year we upgraded to a Pfister Series Pull-Out, Spray Faucet as the standard faucet for the kitchen sink. We think your customers will really like the new upgrade.

2 – After many requests, we are pleased to offer an online color “Products Brochure” flipbook for you and your customers. We hope this will save design time and give your customers a chance to review and ask questions about standard fixtures. Take a look!

3 – Three new color (front and back) brochures were designed for you to hand out to prospective customers (see header). There is a place for you to staple a business card to the back of the flier. You can print the pdf files now by downloading them from the “Builders” area of the website. Once we are back to work, we can send them to you. Call your SMI salesperson for the “Builders” page password.

4 – Our sales and design teams may still be working remotely, so please feel free to call them for questions or quotes. All can be effectively done over the phone, Skype, or Zoom. We will make this work until everyone can get back to work.

Many of our suppliers may still be on mandatory shut-downs, making the task of quotes and estimates for new projects a challenge. Our team is monitoring this and we will keep you updated as our suppliers and vendors also return to work.

As you know, SMI has been in business for over 30 years and has faced down-turns in the economy many times before. Each time we have come out stronger, this time will be no different. Please stay healthy, may your families stay healthy, and we will get through this together.

The Staff at Structural Modulars, Inc.