Post by Andrea Maitland

So to get everyone up to speed here is what is going on. I found the perfect floor plan to use for my new home. I have a budget of $250,000, and I am looking into incorporating an in-law suite for my parents. The original floor plan is shown below.

my dream home floor plan

I gave the plan to the SMI in-house drafting team so they could draw it with the dimensions. It was way over 4000 SQ FT which was too big for what I wanted and my budget. So I put together a list of things I wanted to change in the next draft.

  • Overall square footage
  • I only want 2 bedrooms, a Jack & Jill full bath, and an office
  • Add a 1/2 bath for guests so they won’t have to go through one of the bedrooms
  • Change the family room to a master suite for my parents that includes a 3/4 bath that is handicap accessible.
  • A spacious living room

1st Rough Draft

updated rough draft 1

After reviewing the 1st draft, I began to focus on the 2 bedrooms and bath side.
I removed the following items:

  • The 1/2 bath – I love the Jack & Jill bathroom so I’ll provide a separate entrance to it so guests can use it as well. (I don’t want to clean any more bathrooms than I have to!)
  • I ended up removing the office. I have been “pinning” to My Dream Home Pinterest board, and I found a few unique ideas. For instance, in bedroom 2 put a Murphy bed system, or use the closet as the office, or incorporate the office into the kitchen. I will elaborate on those ideas in a later blog.
  • Here is rough draft #2 with my changes.
H model 2nd draft

The picture below shows the changes I have made so far regarding the first box. The items in red are a few things that will need to be addressed before the next draft is drawn. Relocating the fireplace and adjusting the door swing in the lavatory.

Rough Draft 2

So that gets us to where we are now. The living room. The width of the room is 14’7″. The reason for this is when it comes time to transport to the site, anything wider than 16′ is more expensive to ship because it requires additional permits, police escorts, etc.

Now I could have the living room consist of two boxes put together on site but I am going to see if this works first . If not, I’ll discuss this with the team and maybe try adding more to the length since right now it is only 19′ 7.5″ and the shipping restriction is around 70′.

second draft graphic

I haven’t focused on the door or window placement yet so assume they aren’t there. I have around 265 sq ft and want to “layout” my furniture to make sure it will be comfortable but not crowded. Here are a few furniture layouts that I found. Which one(s) would you choose? I like layout #1, 5, and 8.

furniture layouts

Below is a picture of a living room I love shown with a fireplace and patio doors. I love the look of this room, the amount of light is perfect along with the placement of the fireplace. I definitely want a fireplace but if it becomes too costly, I have a few other ideas.


Up to this point I have focused on the interior of the plan. I haven’t thought about the exterior with regards to window placement, etc. Below is a picture of the rear elevation that was attached to the original floor plan. I just love it.

my dream home back patio

I have a list of things that I need to review on the last box and then I will be able move forward with the window, door, and outlet placement. I want to make sure that I have the appliance dimensions such as the refrigerator, oven, microwave, washer, etc. so that when we finalize the kitchen layout it has all of the correct information.

  1. Change the kitchen layout so the side door goes to the garage instead
  2. I want a closet next to the side door for boots and coats, etc.
  3. Include an island with enough room for prep work and seating
  4. Incorporate a pantry/laundry room

I will catch up with all of you in a few weeks.