Once you have chosen a floor plan, and selected the product choices for your new home, it’s time to sign the contract with your builder.  When your contract is signed, the following steps happen:

  1. The house is given a serial #.
  2. The drafting department draws up the final production prints, and each department reviews them for final approval. If there are questions or concerns, they are addressed at this time.
  3. The products and materials are ordered for your new home. It then goes on the production schedule.

Once the products and materials are in stock and staged (all materials are placed at the designated station) the crew leaders, production manager, assistant production manager, and quality control get together to review plans and make sure that all of the expectations of the builder/client are discussed in length.

It is then put on the line and goes through our 5-stage process.

Each stage or station receives a copy of the permit set of prints.  Should a question or concern arise the team gets together and discusses how to proceed.  The inspection process of our production line is done by a third-party organization.  They visit the plant on a regular basis to inspect the units online and to make sure we follow all policies and procedures set forth by Structural Modular Innovations, LLC.

STATION 1 – Floors, Walls, Ceilings & Roof Systems

  • Floors and ceilings are built with continuous LVL up to 64’ to eliminate cracks and bridge any deviations in the foundation
  • 2 x 10 Floor Joists @ 16″ on center
  • We use 3/4″ OSB tongue and groove sub flooring.  All floor decking is glued and screwed
  • End & Interior Walls
  • Marriage Walls
  • Exterior walls are caulked where other walls meet
  • Interior walls set
  • Ceiling set and caulked where marriage, side,
    and end walls meet (Floor coverings are not installed until STATIONS 4 & 5)
  • Roof Trusses are manufactured at our facility

STATION 2 – Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC & Drywall

  • Rough Wiring
  • Electrical – all openings and boxes on exterior walls are caulked
  • Rough Plumbing
  • Plumbing – all drains on exterior walls are caulked at drywall entry to stop airflow
  • Plumbing Test
  • Heating
  • Hanging of drywall – install drywall backer at all joints

STATION 3 – Insulating, Sheathing, Painting

  • Finish hanging drywall
  • Tape drywall
  • Coat drywall
  • Scrape and sand between coats
  • Flash paint between all joints and corners
  • Scuff walls after flash coat of paint
  • Double back roll paint
  • Paint flat ceilings
  • R21 Wall insulation
  • 7/16” Sheathing of all exterior and marriage walls
  • Caulk all seams
  • Tear away vinyl bead around all tubs and showers

STATION 4 – Shingles, Windows, Siding, & Exterior Doors

  • Insulation of ceiling
  • Sheathing and roof shingles installed
  • Install air infiltration/moisture barrier on exterior
  • Install of siding, windows and exterior doors
  • Start floor coverings
  • Hang interior doors
  • Start trim
  • Start cabinets

STATION 5 – Trim, Countertops, Cabinetry & Shiploose

  • Finish trim
  • Finish cabinets
  • Touch Up
  • Clean units
  • Hot check electric system
  • Load ship loose material
  • Verify and photograph ship loose material
  • Button up units


  • Load house on carriers
  • Ship Loose is verified and photographed
  • Flood test all plumbing drains
  • Air test all plumbing supplies


  • Gable end panels
  • Dormers
  • Unique architectural components


With over 5000+ customers and over 33 years in business, here is what our customers have to say.

“Great company to work with. My company, evoDOMUS, works with them all the time. Their team is wonderful and the work is as you would expect. Highly recommended.”

Alexander K.

Highest quality home you can buy.”

Glen W.

Tri-County Homes, as a 50 year plus modular home builder/dealer, I find Structural Modular one of the finest quality modular homes a home buyer could purchase.

Howard S.

Quality built housing”

Jacob K.

Extremely friendly and helpful service! Making plans and will hopefully hear back soon so we can start our plans!! ❤️”

Steph H.


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