Now is the Time to Build a New SMI Modular Home!

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Here's Why...   Reason #1 - Low Mortgage Rates Home mortgages are at some of the lowest rates since the last 40 years. The 2019 home mortgage rate dropped 6 basis points in the last two weeks and dropped 29 basis points since May. An average 30-year fixed home mortgage is approximately 3.625% to 3.75% [...]

My Dream House Journey – Rough Draft #3

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Post by Andrea Maitland Finally. Rough draft #3. The last box before I begin selecting my products and materials. The biggest hurdle so far? The layout of the kitchen. I remember remodeling my kitchen 8 years ago, and it took just a few hours to come up with the plan. It's easier, I think [...]

My Dream Home Journey – Rough Draft #2

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Post by Andrea Maitland So to get everyone up to speed here is what is going on. I found the perfect floor plan to use for my new home. I have a budget of $250,000, and I am looking into incorporating an in-law suite for my parents. The original floor plan is shown below. [...]

My Dream Home Journey – It’s the Small Stuff that Makes a House a Home

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Post by Andrea Maitland Happy New Year, everyone!  With the start of a new year, I resolve to stay on top of things and make sure I finish what I start, take accountability for my actions, and focus on what will most likely be the most significant project of my dream home.  There [...]

My Dream Home Journey – 1st Rough Draft of My Floor Plan

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Post by Andrea Maitland The last time I blogged was OCTOBER 10, 2018. I apologize. However, I feel that this can be an example of how time gets away from you when you don't prioritize. Here's a quick recap. I want to blog about building my dream home using modular design and construction as [...]

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