Structural Modulars' Cape Cod Custom Modular Homes

Cape Cod Custom Modular Home

Since 1990, Structural Modulars, Inc. (SMI Homes) has been the innovator in new home and professional modular construction. With over a hundred of years of combined building experience, the SMI team of designers, engineers, and over 50 craftsman and skilled workers continually work to develop a better way of building. SMI Homes features a state-of-the-art production manufacturing facility in Strattanville, Pa.

The modern facility at SMI is completely enclosed and features the latest in building technology with its unique five station production line. Not only do experienced craftsman build floors and walls during stage one of the process, but the roof rafters are assembled in a specially designed area above the production line. Inside construction allows for exacting standards that can’t be duplicated at on-site construction. Once the walls, floors, and ceilings are set, the box (every project is built in modular boxes) is then moved to station two by our unique roller system.

Station two is where SMI’s facility differs from most other modular manufacturers. Stage two is where the work goes on under the production line in a specially designed area for plumbers, electricians, and heating/cooling specialists. While work is busy under the box, the drywall installation begins, wall and ceiling wiring is run, and many openings are caulked for air leakage in the box. Keeping all production processes working together above and below the production process.

Once the box rolls to stage 3, the busy-work begins inside. Drywall is finished and sanded until smooth by skilled drywallers. The outside wall insulation is installed. All products are inspected for quality and replaced if not up-to specifications and/or SMI’s strict quality control standards. The box is then ready to roll to stage 4.

Of course, stages 4 and 5 are the finishing stages inside and outside the box. Doors, windows, cabinets, interior and exterior trim, siding, and electrical and system checks. The box is then loaded onto one of our specially designed carriers and buttoned-up for transport.

The resulting advantage of SMI’s custom modular 5 stage construction process is that what takes months with on-site construction, SMI can build in just two weeks for a typical home box. Better quality and faster build times add up to more happy customers.

For more information about SMI’s 5 stage production process, click here.