In the News – SMI’s 2020 Business in Review

Section H in this year's 2020 Business in Review published on February 19th, 2021 by The Derrick and The News-Herald focuses on the business and organizations that fuel the economy in the Clarion County area. This year's article that was submitted by SMI Homes featured a few of the modular homes, apartments, and professional buildings

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You Are Invited to Our Open House

Join us at 101 Southern Ave. during the day on October 2nd, 2020, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm to tour our model home display, production plant, and visit our showroom. Come out and see how modular homes are constructed in our unique 5 stage production facility and tour our beautiful contemporary style

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Build Your Next House?

Why build your next home? According to the American Census Bureau, people move approximately 11.7 times after the age of 18. That means about every 4.3 years Americans are on the move. Many factors such as job change, divorce, an expanding family, and even downsizing are all reasons why people decide

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Why Become a Modular Contractor?

Why become a modular contractor? Why would I want to change from a traditional on-site builder? Why now? Why, why why! If you are like many other contractors/builders that have not had previous experience in modular construction, then all of these WHYs are GREAT questions. Here are some answers to the WHYs that may have

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COVID-19, Products & Marketing Updates

SMI Contractors & Builders, Welcome. We are pleased to announce that our manufacturing facility will be back in production starting Monday, 4/27/2020. The Governor has also relaxed some of the mandates, in some areas of the state, to allow us to transport and set in those areas starting May 1st. We thank all of you

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How to Stay Safe & Build a New Home

Just a few short months ago, 2020 began with a booming economy and many were thinking of building a new home this summer. Then COVID-19 arrived, changing the way we work and shop. Work-from-home and social-distancing are now the new “norms” for many of us. So, how do we #staysafe, #socialdistance, and continue the

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Building Above the Rest

Cape Cod Custom Modular Home Since 1990, Structural Modulars, Inc. (SMI Homes) has been the innovator in new home and professional modular construction. With over a hundred of years of combined building experience, the SMI team of designers, engineers, and over 50 craftsman and skilled workers continually work to develop a better way

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Top 3 Myths About Modulars

Myth #1 - Modular Homes are Manufactured Housing (Mobile Homes) FALSE Even though the two words modular and manufactured sound very much alike, they can't be more different! Modular homes are NOT manufactured homes (commonly known as trailers or mobile homes). Manufactured homes (mobile homes) are built to a set of building codes governed by

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Now is the Time to Build a New SMI Modular Home!

Here's Why...   Reason #1 - Low Mortgage Rates Home mortgages are at some of the lowest rates since the last 40 years. The 2019 home mortgage rate dropped 6 basis points in the last two weeks and dropped 29 basis points since May. An average 30-year fixed home mortgage is approximately 3.625% to 3.75%

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Updates on Products & Materials

After much research and discussion, the following products and materials, and procedures have been added or modified that address recent production and service issues.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative. ROOF& RIDGE VENTS In order to improve attic ventilation, we will be using Double 6 Aluminum Lanced

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