My Dream Home Journey – It’s the Small Stuff that Makes a House a Home

Post by Andrea Maitland Happy New Year, everyone!  With the start of a new year, I resolve to stay on top of things and make sure I finish what I start, take accountability for my actions, and focus on what will most likely be the most significant project of my life...my dream home.  There

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My Dream Home Journey – 1st Rough Draft of My Floor Plan

Post by Andrea Maitland The last time I blogged was OCTOBER 10, 2018. I apologize. However, I feel that this can be an example of how time gets away from you when you don't prioritize. Here's a quick recap. I want to blog about building my dream home using modular design and construction as

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Modular Home Construction Financing from Citizens Bank, NA

When planning to build your home the most important piece of the puzzle is: Deciding where to put the new surround sound TV? Deciding how far away to live from the in-law? Deciding who to trust with your financing?????? While points one and two will certainly lend themselves to lively conversation, seeking a new

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