Effective: January 13, 2023

Expansion is on its way for SMI Homes of Strattanville.

Strattanville, PA: Structural Modular Innovations LLC has acquired Structural Modulars Inc (SMI Homes), a modular construction company located in Strattanville, Pennsylvania. SMI Homes has been manufacturing custom modular homes, professional buildings, and multi‐family homes for over 33

The move for Structural Modular Innovations LLC to acquire SMI Homes began early in 2022, and the acquisition was finalized on Friday, December 30, 2022.
The acquisition of SMI Homes fits into Structural Modular Innovations’ plans to grow and expand its modular presence in the mid‐Atlantic region. Starting in 2023, SMI will expand capacity and onboard new talent to meet the needs of its growing customer base.

“Our group was drawn to this opportunity by the strength of the SMI brand and the unique capabilities of the SMI workforce to build high-quality, custom homes. We look forward to building on the Lewis family legacy and the excellent capabilities of the team while we develop new and exciting homes to meet the needs of builders, developers, and homeowners throughout our region,” said Ryan Bish, General Manager of the newly formed company. “We are so excited to be a part of this great company. SMI Homes has great people and a great contractor base and we are excited to work with existing customers as well as new ones as we introduce high‐performance platform home designs to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.”

Structural Modular Innovations is a subsidiary of American home makers. American home makers is a home delivery platform producing high‐performance homes that cost-effectively delight homeowners.

“We have assembled a nation‐class team, and this is the first step in creating a forward‐thinking home delivery company that delivers high‐performance homes and exceeds customer’s expectations”, said Elliot Fabri, Chairman of American home makers.

For more information on Structural Modular Innovations, please contact Ryan Bish, General Manager of SMI at 814‐764‐5555 or